Ricochet Science



  • Michael Windelspecht.  Michael is the primary editor and writer on Ricochet Science. He has a PhD in evolutionary genetics from the University of South Florida and has taught introductory biology and genetics for almost 20 years. He is also the managing/lead author for the Mader/Windelspecht series of texts and is the author of over 25 science books. For more on Michael, visit his website – michaelwindelspecht.com

Instructional Designers

  • Sandy Windelspecht.  Sandy is the lead instructional designer at Ricochet Science. She is also the co-owner of Ricochet Creative Productions LLC. Sandy is the creative voice behind the animations, videos and multimedia projects at Ricochet Creative Productions and Learning Interactives. Previously, she worked on instructional design projects at Microsoft and Lowes Home Improvement.
  • Krissy Johnson. Krissy is one of our phenomenal animator and the creative force behind some of the infographics that you will find on this site. Krissy has a Masters in Biology from Appalachian State where she worked on microbiology and stream ecology.


  • Eric Weber.  Eric is the founder of 5BlueMedia . Eric is a passionate supporter of science education, and his photos are frequently found in our articles and videos.





  • Devin Windelspecht – Devin is a junior at Northeastern University in Boston MA where he majors in international relations.  Devin is responsible for background work on many of the articles on the site, as well as some science writing.
  • Kayla Windelspecht – Kayla is a junior at North Carolina State University where she is majoring in biochemistry and genetics. Kayla is responsible for assisting with background research for many of our articles in genetics, as well as occasionally preparing some short pieces for the site.
  • Britany Devasure – Brittany is a recent graduate of Appalachian State University where she has a B.S. degree in Cell and Molecular Biology. Brittany is a science communication intern who responsible for photography projects as well as writing articles on trending scientific discoveries.