Teaching Cancer In the Classroom

The resources on this page are provided as part of our Relevancy project at Ricochet Science to help instructors teach the importance of understanding the relationship between science and society.

Ricochet Science Articles

Cancer, Elephants and P53
What is p53? Also known as a tumor protein or a cellular tumor antigen, p53 (also sometimes called TP53) is a
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Infographic: P53- Guardian of the Genome
What is the link between genes and cancer? In this infographic, we explore how malfunctions in a regulatory gene, called
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Infographic: What is H. pylori?
You have probably heard about the connection between the bacteria Helicobacter pylori and stomach ulcers. But how does this bacteria
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The Cancer Gene We All Have
We recently had the pleasure of working with TedEd and ZedeM Media to produce an animation based on our RicochetScience
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RicochetScience – Top 3 Science Posts of 2014
It has been a very busy year on RicochetScience! This year we not only featured a complete makeover of our
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Additional Resources

BioInteractive Resources at HHMI.Org

ScienceDaily – Current Event Articles on Cancer

TedEd: The Cancer Gene We All Have


last updated: October 6, 2018

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