Teaching Cancer In the Classroom

The resources on this page are provided as part of our Relevancy project at Ricochet Science to help instructors teach the importance of understanding the relationship between science and society.

Ricochet Science Articles

Variations in Meiosis: The Parthenogenetic Lizards
For most students in introductory biology, the diagram below is a familiar one. it represents the process of genetic recombination
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King Henry VIII
King Henry VIII and the Kell Blood Group
King Henry VIII (Hans Holbein the Younger , via Wikimedia Commons) A recent article on the DiscoveryNews website (King Henry
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Blue Footed Booby
National Geographic: Animals of the Galapagos
We all recognize that the Galapagos Islands hold a special place in the life sciences. As one of the two
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Bringing Planctomycetes to the Classroom
What are the general characteristics of a prokaryote shown below? Lack of a nucleus? Cell walls made of specialized sugars
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Tweeting for the Online Classroom
Communicating with your online students can be challenging. While most course management systems (CMSs or LMSs) have discussion boards and
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Additional Resources

BioInteractive Resources at HHMI.Org

ScienceDaily – Current Event Articles on Cancer

TedEd: The Cancer Gene We All Have


last updated: October 6, 2018

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