5BlueMedia – Nature Photography and Multimedia

We are pleased to announce a new partnership between Ricochet Science and 5BlueMedia, a new company providing multimedia resources to support education.


homepage of 5BlueMedia

If you are a veteran of this site, you are very familiar with some of the photos produced by 5BlueMedia, we have featured them in several articles (see our Pic of the Week). We were very lucky in 2012 when Ricochet Science and 5BlueMedia visited Belize to obtain some photos for upcoming projects. A few of these photos are posted on our International page, and more will be featured in upcoming projects.

In addition to their website, 5BlueMedia hosts a Facebook page. The FaceBook posts provide interesting insight into the stories behind the photos, which are usually as impressive as the photos themselves.

5BlueMedia - Facebook

Watch for more of the distinctive 5BlueMedia icons on RicochetScience posts in the very near future.



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