Climate Change Infographic and Videos

It is that time of year again, and teachers everywhere are looking for resources for their science classes. Our next few posts will cover some of the content that we have prepared on a number of topics – from genetics to evolution.

One of the core concepts of many science classes is the importance of understanding climate change. Almost every day some aspect of climate change is in the news, so we are preparing a series of infographics and videos that can help you explain the principles of climate change to your students. We will be adding more resources over the next few weeks, so please subscribe to us from any of the pages on Ricochet Science.

climate change

Here is a video that we prepared on how greenhouse gases warm the atmosphere:


In addition, this video was designed to explain the concept of standard deviation using climate change data:

We are always looking for new ideas on videos – if you are an educator who needs an animation or video for your classes, please contact us! From atoms to ecosystems, if it is about science, we can help build the resources you need to teach it!


Additional Resources

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