Countdown: The Best of the Climate Change Animations

We recently had the opportunity to attend the virtual Ted Conference Countdown: Global Launch. This full-day event featured truly inspirational talks on the urgency of addressing the ongoing climate crisis.

One of the most amazing aspects of the conference were the animations. As science educators, the staff at Ricochet Science is always on the lookout for animations that can not only inspire students but make them see the relevancy of science to their lives.

Here, we have featured several of these animations for you to use in your classes or presentations.  All of these are short animations, and we are convinced that you and your students will enjoy them.

For the full list of speakers, animations, and artists, click here

Why is the World Warming Up?

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The State of the Climate Crisis

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Why is 1.5 Degrees Such a Big Deal?


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Why Act Now?


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