Bringing Extreme Weather to the Classroom – October 2012 Statistics

If you are looking for recent material to spice up your lecture on climate change, or just want to place Hurricane Sandy in perspective to other global events linked to climate change, then you need to visit NOAA’s  State of the Climate website. NOAA has recently updated the site to include climate change data for October 2012. The website compares has some very interesting statistics, and contains this really useful graphic on some of the extreme weather events for October 2012:

image provided by NOAA


The website includes a number of useful statistics on how October 2012 compares to previous years. If you are looking for resources to explain the statistics of extreme weather events, or why climate change is causing an increase in sea ice in Antarctica – see the resources listed below.

 Additional Resources

  1. NOAA’s State of the Climate Report for October 2012
  2. NOAA’s State of the Climate report for 2011
  3. RicochetScience’s video on understanding the statistics of extreme weather events
  4. NASA website on the causes for the increases in Antarctic sea ice
  5. Scientific American article on climate change and Hurricane Sandy
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