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If you have an iPad and you are not yet familiar with FlipBoard, then you are probably missing out on one of the greatest ways of visually organizing and sharing your content.

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Using this app it is very easy to generate a list of articles for a class, then send the link to your students as an assigned reading list. Unlike a traditional RSS feed, these articles all contain images, and you can link to videos such as asapScience and Bozeman biology.

Ricochet Science on FlipBoard

We have two magazines on Flipboard. The first is the RicochetScience magazine. We initially developed this magazine as a way of organizing interesting topics and articles for later use either in my classes, or for future articles on Ricochet Science. At one point we realized that this would also be a useful resource for instructors who were either looking for articles to engage students in their classes, or for resources to flip their classrooms.

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Ricochet Science on FlipBoard

Link: http://flip.it/57BQg


The second is a project we started on exobiology. This began as a series of links generated by one of our interns for the “Link Between Comets and Biology ” article in December. Since there was such an interest in comets, exoplanets and exobiology on our FaceBook site, we decided to keep the magazine going.


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Exobiology on Flipboard

Link: http://flip.it/Wqzn1

We scan most of the major news sources each week looking for articles of interest, and then post the best of these to our magazines. Please feel free to subscribe using the link provided or looking for the magazine within FlipBoard. If you have any suggestions for how to improve this service, let us know in the comments below or using our contact page.

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