Science in the News: December 2-14th 2012

Here are some interesting articles from December 2-14th that may of be of interest

Record High for Global Carbon Emissions (Science Daily Dec 2, 2012)

If you are looking for some statistics to add to your papers and lectures on the carbon cycle and climate change, this is the article to read. In 2012 humans will add 36.2 billion tons of CO2 to the system, a 2.6 percent increase over 2011.

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Epigenetics May Be a Critical Factor Contributing to Homosexuality, Study Suggests (Science Daily Dec 11, 2012)

Geneticists are examining how epigenetics – inheritable changes in a trait that are not associated with changes in the DNA – is related to homosexuality. This article represents a nice way to understand the basis of epigenetics while discussing a topic that often is controversial in the classroom.

 Potent Antibodies Neutralize HIV and Could Offer New Therapy, Study Finds (Science Daily Dec 10, 2012)

While talk often focuses on the development of vaccine to prevent HIV infection, advances are also being made on how to effectively treat people with HIV. This article links not only the discussion of viral structure (the gp120 protein), but also how the immune system functions with regards to antibodies.

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