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As a science instructor, I am always looking for current event topics for my introductory biology classes, or for something for the students to read before coming to class. While Twitter is great, chasing down articles based on 140 word snippets, especially when class is starting in a few moments, can be maddening.  One solution that I found for this was FlipBoard, which has provided me with a quick way of loading interesting articles, along with their cover images and summaries, into one source.

Several times per week I (and my interns) sort through content coming from BBC, Scientific American, Wired, and Popular Science (just to name a few) to find articles that are relevant for non-scientists. We then flip these into our RicochetScience magazine. You can see these articles by following the magazine using the FlipBoard app, which can be easily downloaded using the link on the bottom right of almost any FlipBoard page. Although FlipBoard is ideally used on a tablet device – you can also access the site from any computer.


RicochetScience flipboard

RicochetScience magazine on FlipBoard

We have also started an Exobiology magazine that focuses more on the search for life, or the precursors of life, on worlds other than Earth. We have been placing content there on the Rosetta mission to Comet 67P and the search for water on Mars and the moons of Saturn and Jupiter.

Michael Windelspecht is an adjunct Professor of Biology at Appalachian State University and founder of the RicochetScience website.

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