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If you are involved in science education you know the importance of reaching today’s students in the digital world in which they live. It appears that the folks at NSF have also gotten that message in the form of the Science 360 Radio website.This is a fantastic resource for time-stressed educators. The site provides direct links to over 100 podcasts from a variety of NSF sponsors. Basically, if you are looking for a topic from brain chemistry to bacteria, it is here. Some of my personal favorites include:

Scientific American’s 60 Second Series: 60 seconds of updates on a variety of topics, from health to tech. These may be subscribed to in iTunes, or as an RSS feed (which means that that they can be easily inserted into most course management systems). Looking for that way to start the class? Assign one of these the night before a lecture and take the first 5 minutes to talk about it in class.

MicrobeWorld: Featuring reviews of books, information on antibiotic resistance and explorations of some really interesting bacteria – all at a level that is suitable for an intro bio class.The Academic Minute: This series of podcasts includes interviews with actual scientists who talk about the importance of their work. As always, these scientists display a real passion for their work, which students will quickly pick up on.

But that is not all – you can easily install a widget to add Science360 to your webpage or blog. Ours is up and running to the right (go ahead and click on it and check it out). The link is available from the homepage. There are apps for almost any smartphone and iPads as well. The Science360 folks are covering the spectrum with this site.

Feel free to post a comment with your favorite podcast below – or if there are some missing from the list, let us know and we may feature them on our site in a future post.
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