The Viral Life Cycle

With all of the recent news on West Nile Virus and hantavirus, we have prepared a short animation on the life cycle of a typical virus.  The goal of this animation is to briefly explain the five major stages of the viral life cycle.

Viral Life Cycle from Ricochet Science on Vimeo.

The animation is best used as a either a pre-class introduction of the topic, or as a quick review. If used as a pre-class assignment, the instructor can then add details about each phase as needed (attachment specifics, entry of envelope viruses, DNA versus RNA viruses).  If you find this useful, please comment on additional videos of this nature that you would like to see prepared.

For more detailed information on WNV or hantavirus, or on the differences between the RNA and DNA viruses, see the links below.

Additional Resources

Images from Mader/Windelspecht  Biology 11e; McGraw-Hill Higher Education; and used by permission of the publisher.

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