New Video Series: Understanding Enzymes

Enzymes are a critical component of living systems. Without enzymes, most of the chemical reactions in our bodies would simply not occur. So, an understanding of basic enzyme function is important to learning about metabolic pathways and how complex biological processes occur.

Our latest video series explores the basic principles of how enzymes work. We start with a basic description of the role of enzymes in metabolic reactions, and from there proceed to a quick discussion of the induced-fit model. From there, we explore the relationship between enzymes and activation energy.

How Enzymes Work

Enzymes: The Induced Fit Model

Enzymes and Activation Energy

Over the next few weeks we will be adding more to this series of videos. For a full list of videos, check out the cellular energetics playlist on our YouTube site. You can find the embed codes for the videos there. If you wish to be notified when new videos in this series are ready, please subscribe either directly on our YouTube site or using the subscription link at the bottom of any Ricochet Science page.


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