Video: Polar Covalent Bonds

Before starting a class in biology or genetics, it is often useful to review some of the basic principles of chemistry, specifically the general characteristics of atoms and chemical bonds. In our earlier videos we explored the basics of atomic structure and the differences between ionic and covalent bonds. In the latest addition to our chemistry prep series, we take at look at the the polar covalent bond and how these bonds are associated with the formation of hydrogen bonds.

Hydrogen bonds play an important role in the properties of water, and in establishing the structure of large macromolecules such as proteins and DNA.

For a full list of our chemistry tutorial videos, visit our YouTube channel.

Later this month we will be launching a chemistry tutorial page on Ricochet Science. The purpose will be to provide students with a refresher of basic chemistry prior to start of classes in biology and genetics. For updates on this project, check out our new Tutorials page.


Chemistry Prep Video Series

Our thanks to Dr. Jason Overby, College of Charleston, for his comments on an earlier version of this video.


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