Videos: 1 Minute Lab Tutorials

If you are looking for resources to improve your lab discussions,  then you are going to want to check out the animations below. We have prepared this series of short animations that can used as learning resources. These brief videos help explore some of the basic principles behind some common experiments found in an introductory science lab.

Oxygen Consumption

A common experiment in cellular respiration labs involves measuring the amount of gas being used by metabolically active peas. This video helps explain the setup and movement of gases in the experiment.


For more on energy and the cell, see our YouTube playlist “Biology 101: Cellular Energetics


Visualizing the actual process of diffusion can be difficult at times. This short video explains the process using the example of a sugar cube in water.


For more videos on this topic, see our YouTube playlist “Biology 101 – The Cell

Osmosis and Tonicity

Probably one of the more difficult topics when talking about how cells work in the concept of osmosis and tonicity. This quick video can provide a quick review of the tonicity terminology and how a common lab experiment is setup.



For a longer version of this animation –  see our YouTube video “Osmosis and Tonicity” and our YouTube playlist “Biology 101 – The Cell


Selectively Permeable Membrane

What is meant by the term “selectively permeable?”. This animation can provide a quick review before proceeding into discussions of protein-mediated transport.



For more videos on this topic, see our YouTube playlist “Biology 101 – The Cell

Natural Selection and Microevolution

Visualizing natural selection, and the influence of selection on the alleles in a population, can be difficult. This short animation uses the example of a bird and its insect prey to illustrate how selection changes a population over time.




This animation can help explain how DNA migrates during gel electrophoresis.




How do pigments migrate in a solvent, and what is an Rf value? We explore the basic principles of chromatography in this short animation.





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Have an idea to add to this list? Just drop us a quick note and we will see what we can do!


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