Videos: Introduction to Chemistry and Protein Structure

As part of our latest series of videos, we have prepared four videos on introductory chemistry and protein structure. These short videos  are designed to help students who need a refresher in introductory chemistry, or teachers who need resources for their classes. These videos are ideal for flipped classes, where the instructor wants to free up classroom time by having their students review introductory concepts before class.

All of these are available in HD on our Vimeo channel, or if you need closed-captioning, on our YouTube Channel.


This video describes the basic structure of the atom, and the relationship between the number of protons and electrons.

Atoms from Ricochet Science on Vimeo.


Wondering what the difference is between carbon-12 and carbon-14? In this video below we explore the basic concept of an isotope.

Reading the Periodic Table

Ever wonder what the numbers mean for an element on the periodic table?

Reading the Periodic Table from Ricochet Science on Vimeo.

Basic Protein Structure

The structure of a protein is related to its function. In this animation we explore the basic structure of a protein from the simple amino acid sequence to the complex interactions of multiple polypeptides.

Basic Protein Structure from Ricochet Science on Vimeo.


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